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Orthoxia script

Orthoxia script is a free Roblox script submitted by the user. Orthoxia script is currently undetectable and is approved by our administration.

Orthoxia script
Orthoxia script

Is Orthoxia script free or paid?

Orthoxia script is a free Roblox script.

What is Orthoxia script detectability status?

Orthoxia script currently has undetected status.

Is Orthoxia script Require or FE script?

Orthoxia script is a Require script.

How to use Orthoxia script?

To use the Orthoxia script, follow the following steps:

  1. Copy the script or download it as a text (.txt) document
  2. Depending on script type, paste or insert script into your exploit executor or serverside executor
  3. Launch the game on
  4. Enjoy!

Additional Orthoxia script information

Orthoxia: Alpha - Chest Farm

How to get the Orthoxia script?

To get the Orthoxia script scroll down and click the 'Click Here to Reveal The Orthoxia script' button.

Where to find Orthoxia script Pastebin?

To find Orthoxia script Pastebin go to the reveal page and scroll right under the additional information block.

Click Here to Reveal The Orthoxia script